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portfolio of manipulation cars

The aim of the collaboration with Tebeco was to create the portfolio of the cars with various parameters (wheel, rail, for explosive environment, etc). Based on the knowledge of individual specifics there were created at MTD office unification parts, which is applied in the different modifications to the developed cars.

The collaboration of the MTD office and Tebeco Ltd at the development of manipulation cars can document the fact, that the high quality design of the engineering commodity together with top technology solution and pro-active marketing effort can help the development of the young company, the building of its brand name and its penetration of the global market.

Among the most specific elements there is the integrated button "total stop", LED lights and the floor attachments in the car corners in the way preventing the eventual light damage. Cars Tebeco also have compact location of the further floor attachments and ancor points for the load distributed along the floor perimeter. The overall appearance of the cars is very compact and cultivated.

Thanks to their unique design the Tebeco cars, reflecting specific functional and/or ergonomic demands, Tebeco Ltd became supplier of the manipulation equipment for the global companies like Siemens, ABB, Sandvik, Pesa, etc.