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PZP Komplet

heat pump

Producer: PZP Komplet a. s.
Realization: 2005 - 2006
Type: Industrial design
Range: Full design

SOUTĚŽ: Outstanding product of year 2007
AWARDS: Excellent industrial design

The operative part of the International Jury: “Concise clean solution taking in account the unification upgrades the product appearance above the industrial machinery category. Simple and clever design follows the function in an elliptic graceful line.”

Internal unit of the heat pump brings original partition of the sheating case. This enables to reduce the assembly time and to make easier access to the control electronics in the case of service need. Unification of the sheating parts makes the discrimination of the particular power ranges more transparent.

Outdoor unit appears to be compact and up-to-date product and aesthetically tunes with the contemporary architecture, in neighbourhood of which it is most often installed.

The new solution of the shape brought also improved warehouse logistics, supported the penetration of the EU market and contributed to the significant increase of the turnover.