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MainsPro, InteliVision 5

Producer: ComAp, a.s.
Realization: 2010 - 2011
Type: Industrial design, Graphic design
Range: Full design

Design of the sophisticated equipment for excess voltage protection MainsPro and controller of the back up supply InteliVision 5 reflects their technical maturity.

One of the identified goals of the protection MainsPro was the full integration of the optical seal to the compact shape of the whole box. At the very limited space of the box it was placed in one of the four inclined side, where it does not interfere and in the same time it is easy to be served.

An important part of the project was also the graphic design of several dozens of screens, which must be in spite the complexity of their control easily (intuitively) managed and are to be of simple appearance. At this phase of the project it was not easy to find the new aesthetic expression which follows the practices developed at the management of the equipment predecessors and is user friendly for the global market customers.