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Collection of fuel pumps

Producer: Adast Systems, a.s.
Realization: 2004–2007
Type: Industrial design
Range: Full design

SOUTĚŽ: Outstanding product of year 2007
AWARDS: Excellent industrial design

The operative part of the International Jury: “Set of equipment built on the segment unification features exquisite style of the shape design. Formed element of profiled parts combines functionality with aesthetic appearance in an outstanding way.”

In this case the new design solution has influenced quite a wide scale of fields and processes of the manufacturer.

The identification element of the newly designed assortment of fuel dispensing pumps
is the breach of the hose console to the shape of the letter "v".

This breach has significant impact on the rigidity of the hose module and allowed to use thinner
sheet for its production. This contributed to the reduction of the production costs and decrease of
the dispensing pump mass, and now it is possible to produce the dispensing pumps from the higher
quality metals without the increase of the selling price.

The new shape solution brought the annual increase of the turnover of the order of several tens of
percent points, and higher quality material allowed the prolongation of the guarantee period for 12